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Top 6 Best Microwave Oven Under 5000

In this article we will help you get the best microwave oven under 5000 Rs

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Ultimate Guide to choosing Microwave Oven

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Auto Cook



Child Lock




*Depends on the model.

How does microwave work

The microwave heats your food without getting hot itself. It does this through radiation, the same way as the sun heats your body.

Microwave ovens use high-frequency electromagnetic waves generated by magnetrons. The same as that of TV and radio, these are very small and hence the name ‘Micro’. Although the waves are small they carry enormous amounts of energy.

These are absorbed by the food particles, causing the particles to vibrate. This vibration leads to heating of the food particles. Microwaves do this without heating the surrounding air or oven itself.

Although the same is not true for convection and grill ovens. Convection oven uses a heating element and a fan, this fan circulates hot air inside the oven and cooks it evenly. Now this is very different from natural microwave ovens, which use microwaves. Whereas convection uses heat and fan.

Grill ovens are similar to that of convection but differ in the fact that Oven toaster grills(OTG) have a coil for heating and a thermostat that controls the heat.

Microwave oven can be used for basic heating, convection can be used for baking and OTG for grilling.

Types of microwave oven

There are three types of microwave ovens and they are:

1.Solo Microwave

2.Convection Microwave Oven

3.Grill Or Oven toaster and Grill.

Solo Microwave

Solo microwave ovens are entry level microwave ovens which solely use microwave radiation, this type of microwave ovens are basic and can only be used for basic heating and cooking. Solo microwaves are cheapest and come with limited auto cook options. They usually range between 14-17Litres and some even 20L.

Consider a Solo Microwave if you are a small family or bachelor and if you need only reheating operation.

Grill Microwave

As the name suggests, this microwave is used to grill food items. Mainly chicken,pork beef and others.

These types of ovens use heating coils that generate the heating effect and also provide the flavor of the coal from traditional or outdoor grills. They are also known as Oven toaster grills(OTG).

They are slightly higher priced than solo, but have multi functions such as grilling,toasting, and can also be used for reheating.

Consider an OTG if you want to make toasts, pizzas and grilling meat.

Convection Microwave Oven

These are higher end ovens that combine both solo microwaves and OTG. They consist of a heating element and a fan. The fan blows hot air around the cavity thereby heating the food.

Convection microwaves have auto cook functions, and usually have a variety of options for cooking. The fan or blower allows the food to heat or cook faster than a Solo microwave. And these ovens are mainly used for baking, the even distribution of heat makes it more suitable for baking.

These ovens also have heating coils and can be used for grilling. Therefore performing Reheating, baking and grilling operations.

The downside of a convection oven is its price, although with evolving technology and production, the price has relatively come down.

Consider a convection if you have a large family and if you want to bake, cook food, grill and others.

Difference Between OTG, Microwave, Convection, Grill

The difference between all these types of ovens is the usage or utility.


Solo Microwave





Grilling and Heating

Reheating, Grilling, Cooking and Baking

Heating Method


Heating Coils

Heating element and Fan

Food Items

Rehaeting leftovers

Pizzas and toasts

Cakes and Brownies






Let’s go broadly into the functions that an oven performs, what they mean and how is it done.


The most basic function that is needed in a microwave is reheating leftovers or just reheating food. This function is available in all variants of oven, be it solo, grill, convection and OTG.


Another important and a very popular function. Grilling food items give you a unique taste which is very popular. This function is mainly available in OTG and convection ovens. There are heating coils that help in the heating process.

Toasting function helps in toasting the bread and also preparing pizza. So if you want to make your favourite pizzas do consider OTGs.


When you store vegetables and meat in the freezer for longer shelf life, it requires to be thawed i.e to get rid of the ice and make it warm. This function allows the food items to get back to their normal temperature and get rid of the ice accumulated.

This function is usually present in all variants of microwave ovens.


The most favourite function among people is baking Be it cakes, brownies and breads this function does all. Consider the baking function in your microwave if you do regular baking. The only variant that does this is a convection oven, which has a heating element and a fan/blower. This fan circulates the heat evenly which is very much a requirement in baking.


Coming to features, Microwaves ovens have various features that help us in day to day life.

Auto-Cook Function

In this feature, you will get pre set menus or pre set temperatures that are best suitable for certain dishes. You have to just select one of the preset programs, enter the weight of the contents and you are done. The oven will set the temperature and also the time.

This feature will help you if you do not know the required temperature for a certain dish.

Child Lock

The child lock is another safety feature that prevents children from pressing unwanted buttons on the microwave. This is a very good feature if you have kids around and prevents any accidents.

Although this feature is quite common now, some Solo Microwave Ovens do not have them and some do.

Usage/type of panel

Type of panel here refers to the control panel that enables you to control settings in the Oven. High end convection ovens have touch panels that are easy to operate and also feel premium.

But these do have their disadvantage, the touch panels come at a high replacement cost. If the touch panel stops working replacing them would cost you a bomb.

Regular maintenance and safe usage would ensure that longer life of the panels.

But then, some companies give warranties that include the touch panels and dials. So feel free to consider them as they look and feel premium.

What can you expect at this budget?

Before we look into the best microwave oven under 5000, we need to understand as to what you can expect at this budget. To be frank here, the more the budget, the more the features. And Same applies to Microwave Oven as well, wherein at the budget Solo Microwave Ovens are only options.

What are Solo Microwave Ovens?

Solo microwave ovens are entry level ovens that perform basic functions of heating. These are usually used for heating the leftovers, defrosting and sometimes making popcorn. You cannot bake or grill food in Solo Microwave.

If you need baking and grilling options the best you can get are convection ovens, that combine both solo and grill features.

Now let’s dive into the Best Microwave oven under 5000.

Top 6 Best Microwave Oven under 5000 Rs

1. IFB 17 L Solo Microwave Oven

best microwave oven under 5000

IFB is a well known brand in India and IFB Solo microwave oven is my favorite in terms of affordability and features.

This IFB 17L solo oven can reheat, defrost and cook, it has flexi power levels giving you full control of the heating. The power levels range from low, medium-low, medium, medium-high and high.

Comes with a 17 liter capacity, that is well suited to bachelors and small families(2-4). It is very compact and can fit in a small place or corner of your kitchen.

It has mechanical dialers that are easy to operate. There are three auto cook menu options mainly rice, fish and vegetables with grams mentioned.

Along with the quantity, the time and power requirements are also mentioned helping you to understand at what exact time and power level a rice or vegetable may get cooked.

The IFB microwave is stylish and one of the better looking microwaves in the solo category.

It also has a robust build that lasts long.

The compact size makes this microwave easy to clean, hassle less operation and light in weight. A complete package for you. It misses out on digital dial but then a digital dial would make it tougher to select timings and hence mechanical dial works best.

It has one year of on product warranty and 3 years on magnetron and cavity.

If you need basic heating, reheating and defrosting then this should be your best buy, this can also be considered for office use. 

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to Clean
  • Well within the budget
  • Best for basic heating and reheating
  • Specific Defrost option available
  • Lasts long
  • Only basic heating possible
  • Not for Medium families(4-6)

2. Bajaj 17 L Solo Microwave Oven

Bajaj is a very well known appliance brand and they have some great entry level solo microwaves. One such is this, Bajaj 17L Solo Microwave Oven.

Very similar to IFB in terms of capacity and comes with a 17L cavity that is suitable for bachelors and small families of 2-4 members.

This solo microwave can be used to reheat, defrost and cook, like most of the solo microwaves.

Similar to IFB it has five levels of power, which lets you have control over the heating. The microwave has 30 min of maximum cooking time.

It has very simple mechanical knobs and is very easy to operate. Although setting a timer for 30 seconds is a difficulty, as it requires you to set the knob very carefully, higher end models have a +30 Seconds button.

The compact size of the Bajaj solo microwave lets you clean it easily, hassle free and light in weight. You can keep it at any corner of your kitchen and it will never take up space. The microwave could have looked better, although the build is very robust and usually lasts longer.

It has one year warranty on product and 1 year on magnetron.

If you need a microwave that does only reheating, defrosting and basic cooking that is durable then consider this Bajaj Solo microwave.

  • Easy to Use
  • Easy to Clean
  • Within your budget
  • Best for reheating and defrosting
  • Known for its durability
  • Basic heating and not for grilling and baking
  • Not for medium families

3. BPL 20 L Solo Microwave Oven

bpl solo 20BPL is one of the oldest brands of India, and BPL products are known to be durable and long lasting.

BPL Solo microwave comes with a higher liter of cavity, higher than IFB and Bajaj. 20 Liter cavity lets you have more space for your dishes.

This microwave is suitable for small families and bachelors, it can also cater to a medium family of 4 members because of the higher spaced cavity.

Coming to functionalities it has simple mechanical knobs similar to that of Bajaj, which enable multi level power control in your hands.

It also has a quick defrosting function that defrosts your meat and frozen foods with a turn of the knob. Even though the microwave is 20L, it is quite compact and fits anywhere without taking much space.

The microwave could have looked better, but packs a punch in durability and ease of use. It is easy to clean and maintain. Has a 1 year warranty on product and 1 year on magnetron.

Consider the BPL 20L microwave if you are looking for reheating, defrosting and basic cooking functions, also consider this if you are looking for a microwave for your small to medium family.

  • Ease of use
  • Easy to clean
  • Budget friendly
  • Basic heating and cooking
  • BPL brand known for durability
  • Larger cavity than others in the list
  • Not for grilling and baking
  • After sales issues faced by some

4. Whirlpool 20 L Solo Microwave Oven

whirlpool solo

Whirlpool is another popular brand of home appliances with exciting products and all in the affordable range.

Whirlpool solo microwave comes with a 20L cavity with powder coating that ensures longevity and prevents the microwaves emitting from magnetron to stay inside the oven. The higher cavity also lets you keep more food into the microwave for heating.

It also has five power levels, and has a feather touch display that gets rid of mechanical knobs and hands you a touch panel that works like charm. It has a button for opening the microwave door making it easier to work with.

LED display lets you know the timings and auto cook menu, this is one of the microwaves that have LED display in them.

It is a microwave that perfectly fits small to medium families and bachelors, this is my favorite in terms of functionalities. Whirlpool solo microwave has 21 auto cook functions pre installed for your convenience. 

Another feature that defines this microwave is dough rising feature which lets you proof your dough for batora or bread or even pizza. This is an added feature and hence is useful for those that make them regularly. Similarly it has yoghurt/curd feature which lets you make curd easily.

It has 1 year of warranty on product and 2 years on magnetron, which is pretty good at the price stated.

Consider whirlpool solo microwave for its features and added cavity capacity of 20L. Also the auto cook function that most of the microwaves in this budget lack. If you are looking to have reheating, basic cooking, dough making and other auto cook functions then this is your best buy. 

  • Feature loaded microwave
  • Best for small to medium families.
  • Budget friendly
  • Added extra cavity capacity
  • Touch display
  • Auto cook options
  • Dough/yogurt options
  • The microwave provides dough making for breads but does not have baking or grilling mode.

5. Morphy Richards 20 L Solo Microwave Oven

morphy richards

In the list of Best Microwave oven under 5000, this morphy richards microwave comes at number 5 because of the price, which is slightly above the mark and hence ranked lower. This is a very good buy if you’re ready to shell out a few hundred rupees.

Morphy Richards solo microwave oven has 20L of cavity with powder coating, very similar to that of whirlpool microwave. The powder cavity as we know lasts long.

The microwave comes with five power levels, low, medium-low, medium, medium-high and high. These power levels help you have complete control over the heating process. It also has a quick defrost function that lets you thaw your meat easily with no hassle.

The jog dials give ease of use and operability, and also give you longer life. On the design aspects the microwave looks and feels good. It has a glass like finish door that enhances the aesthetics.

The microwave is again very compact and is usually the case with solo microwaves. You can fit them in any corner of the kitchen.

Consider this morphy richards solo microwave if you need reheating, defrosting and basic cooking. Also consider this microwave oven for its ease of use, ease of cleaning and maintenance. The microwave looks good and sure to enhance the décor of your kitchen.

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Best for defrosting and reheating
  • Best for bachelors and small to medium families
  • Added extra cavity
  • Long lasting jog dials
  • Not for baking and grilling
  • Not in the budget (slightly higher)

6. Amazon Basics Solo Microwave Oven


Did you know that amazon has its own microwave oven? Well this was surprising for me as well. AmazonBasics is an inhouse brand of amazon and features some great products.

This solo microwave is similar to that of IFB and Bajaj, a basic solo microwave oven which performs basic heating and defrosting.

The microwave has 20L of cavity that provides large space for your dishes and bowls. More the cavity means more food that can fit it.

The microwave comes with five power levels, low, medium-low, medium, medium-high and high. These power levels help you have complete control over the heating process.

It also has a quick defrost button that lets you thaw your meat easily with no hassle.

The oven comes with mechanical dials that ensure ease of use and long life, there are two dials one for setting up the heat level and other as a timer.

AmazonBasics microwave suit best for small families and bachelors as it does basic reheating and cooking also for its cavity size it can cater to max of 3-4 members.

Coming to the design of the microwave, the microwave does look good and feel premium but again could improve in overall aesthetics.

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Long lasting dials
  • Best for small families
  • Large cavity of 20L
  • Not for baking and grilling
  • AmazonBasics brand not known to many


With this we come to an end of Best Microwave Oven under 5000, in case of any queries or suggestions do write to us in the comments below.

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