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Top 10 Best Mixer Grinder Under 3000Rs 2022

If you are a novice in purchasing the best Mixer-Grinder then you must go through the Mixer-Grinder Buying Guide, that helps you select the best mixer grinder in the market. And our list of best mixer grinder under 3000 Rs is also based on that.

Bajaj is a well known Indian brand that has been in the Indian kitchen appliance market for years and has brought Bajaj into every Indian household competing with world-renowned companies.

Bajaj has carved out its name in Indian Market. This one particular has all boxes ticked in best mixer grinder under 3000 Rs.

Good Quality of Jars, lid and overall quality of the motor.

What people say about Bajaj GX8 750 Watt Mixer Grinder

“Excellent Mixer”

“A Bajaj Mixer worthy of a 5 Star Rating!”

“Value for money”

General Description

Power750W Motor
Number of Jars3
Speed Control3 Levels of Speed Control
Rating30 min continuous running time

It consists of 750 Watt powerful motor with a maximum RPM of 18000, that grinds anything with ease. The motor is very sturdy and 750 Watt motor at this budget is a rare find.

The mixer grinder has a good capacity of jars, at par with others in the range, although the chutney jar’s performance could have been better.The jar lids are well designed, and the lids are transparent except for the chutney jar. 

Also, the chutney jar does not come with a handle which could be a concern to some users.The mixer grinder would have been an excellent option if it would have come with a Juicer jar. Making it a Juicer Mixer Grinder.

Bajaj calls it an ideal mix of aesthetics and advanced technology, and it does keep up those words as this Mixer Grinder looks good and is powerful.Consists of a handy overload protection feature that makes the mixer grinder last long term.

  • Powerful 750W motor
  • Attractive Design
  • Value for money
  • Best Budget Buy
  • Opening at the top of the lid (ease of use)
  • Lower noise compared to others in the range
  • Requires Less Space in the Kitchen
  • Average performance of chutney jar
  • No handle in Chutney jar
  • No juicer jar. Juicer jar could have made this an overall performer.

Havells is quite a new entrant in the mixer grinder market and has taken it by storm. Havells maxx grind is one of the best designed mixer grinder. Like the Bajaj GX8 it also comes with 750 Watt motor and has sturdy handles.

The mixer grinder is around the 3000 Rupees range and is best for someone looking for a stylish and good performance mixer grinder.

“Powerful Motor”

Powerful motor and solid build quality”

General Description

Power750W Motor
Number of Jars3
Speed Control3 Levels of Speed Control

Havells Maxx Grind houses a powerful 750 watt copper winding motor. Pure copper in the motor helps in increasing the life of the motor.

There are three jars with the mixer grinder. 

  1. Blending jar(1.5L)
  2. Dry Grinder Jar(1L)
  3. Chutney jar(0.4L)

All the jars are stainless steel and comprise superior 304 stainless steel blades.The lid on the jars is all made up of Polycarbonate which makes them unbreakable. The lids are also transparent making the grinding process more visible to the user.

The Blending jar lid has an extra lid at the top, which allows you to pour extra liquid without removing the main lid, a very useful one.

Comfort is an important factor in all appliances and this Havells Mixer Grinder has been designed with this in mind. The jars come with ergonomic handles that make it easier to put them on top of the base or remove them from there once the job is done.

Note: Always ensure that you do not scrub the lids of the jars while cleaning and which may lead to a decrease in transparency.

  • Good Powerful 750 W motor
  • Trendy and stylish
  • Takes up less space
  • Best Budget buy
  • Overload Indicator a good addition
  • Havells a new brand in Mixer Grinder
  • Few quality issues on delivery

Bajaj Classic is the most classy looking mixer grinder. Another Bajaj mixer grinder in this range, Bajaj makes some great budget mixer grinders.

The color on the mixer grinder is a combination of maroon and white, which looks classy and aesthetically pleasing. You wish there were other color options which is a tad disappointing.

It has 750 Watt powerful motor with an RPM 0f 18000, which is good for a mixer grinder at this range.

What people say about Bajaj Classic Mixer Grinder

“Good Mixer, noise is manageable and its easy to use”

“Good durable mixer grinder”

“Very happy with this mixer”

General Description

Power750W Motor
Number of Jars3
Speed Control3 Levels of Speed Control
Warranty2 Years on Product

The mixer grinder houses a powerful 750 Watt motor, with 18000 RPM. Made up of 100% copper ensures the longevity of the motor and also superior performance. Bajaj is known for its motor quality and performance.

Bajaj Classic Mixer Grinder consists of three jars:

  1. Blending jar(1.5L)
  2. Dry Grinding Jar(1L)
  3. Small Chutney jar(0.3L)

The jars are all of the high-grade stainless steel, which prevents any rusts and other stains. Tetra flow technology in the jars ensures proper mixing and grinding. A traditional dial shaped speed controller that has three speeds and also a pulse for momentary action. The speed is quite high and does your job in 1 and 2 levels.

Bajaj Classic 750W Mixer Grinder is a very basic mixer grinder, with a no-nonsense design and no extra features with it.It has got thousands of rave reviews and no wonder why. Having all the basic features of a mixer grinder performing everything with ease and efficiency.

Noise is again high which is not new in 750W motor. Also, the chutney jar needed a handle to help the user remove it easily from the main unit.

  • Good Powerful 750 W motor
  • Classic Design
  • Takes up less space
  • Best Budget buy
  • Best mixer as a gift
  • Some may not like simple design
  • Noise is High
  • No extra features
  • Color options not available

Havells Sprint is another great mixer grinder under Havells brand which has performed well.

It has hundreds of rave reviews generally favoring the value for money aspect of the mixer grinder.

The looks of the mixer grinder and its color combination gives you a premium feel. A premium 500 Watt mixer grinder that solves all your kitchen needs.

What people say about Havells Sprint Mixer Grinder

“Must buy for everyone”

“Best value for money product”

“Jar quality  is excellent”

General Description

Power500W Motor
Number of Jars3
Speed Control3 Levels of Speed Control with a Pulse
Warranty2 Years on Product

Havells Sprint comes with a powerful 500W motor, though lower than others but a good one to perform all the functions that a regular 750W motor performs. Running at 18000 RPM and a rating of 30 min of continuous grinding adds to the overall quality of motor. 

Havells Sprint Mixer Grinder consists of three jars:

  1. Blending jar(1.5L)
  2. Dry Grinding Jar(1.2L)
  3. Small Chutney jar(0.4L)

The jars are all stainless steel and capacity is enough for small to medium family (4-6 Members). The blades of the jars are made up of food grade 304 Stainless Steel blade. The jars also have flow breaker system that ensures uniform  mixing and grinding. The quality of jars are good and perform well on toughest ingredients. The lids are transparent for liquidizing and chutney jar and solid for dry jar, which we wonder why, the dry jar could also have a transparent see through lid.

Features a stable rubber base which ensures that the mixer grinder stays firm on the surface. It has 3 levels of speed settings in a dial which enables you to switch speeds in a seamless way.

Coming to the design aspects it comes with a sleek design and color combination that will perfectly complement the décor of your kitchen.

  • Powerful 500 Watt Motor with 18000 RPM.
  • Compact design taking less space in the kitchen.
  • Premium food grade blades and stainless steel jars
  • Large capacity of jars
  • Best Budget Premium Buy
  • Best for small and medium family
  • Quality issues on Delivery
  • Noise is high for 500 W.
  • Handle on the jars could have better plastic quality
  • Color combination may not be liked by all

Bajaj Rex is a 500 watt mixer grinder that is most suitable for small families. It is my favorite in terms of compactness and durability. 

It is mostly rated for its value for money, ease of using and cleaning. It is the best mixer grinder in the 500 Watt category.

Consider this mixer grinder if you are a newly wed couple or a small family of 2-4 members.

What people say about Bajaj Rex Mixer

“Best Value for money”

“Easy to use and clean”

“Makes a lot of noise”

General Description

Power500W Motor
Number of Jars3
Speed Control3 Levels of Speed Control with a Pulse
Warranty2 Years on Motor

Bajaj Rex comes with a powerful 500 W motor that is good and reliable, it grinds everything with ease and does the job of a regular kitchen. Comes with three jars:

  1. Blending jar(1.2L)
  2. Dry Grinding Jar(0.8L)
  3. Small Chutney jar(0.3L)

Considering the size of the jars, it suits the small family requirements. All the jars have flow breaker system for uniform grinding, and the jar lids are solid.

Three levels of speed control help you to grind anything at your own pace and convenience. It comes with standard overload protection and nothing new to offer here.

The only thing that we found concerning in the mixer grinder is the warranty, there is one year product warranty mentioned, which makes it unclear for warranty on motor. But then this is not a deal breaker as many users have rated the mixer grinder for durability.

  • Good 500W Motor
  • Great Value for Money
  • Best 500 W mixer grinder
  • Compact design, taking less space in the kitchen
  • Best for small family
  • Rave reviews by users
  • Not considerable for big families
  • Less warranty
  • Jar problems for some users
  • No transparent lid

Prestige Iris is another popular mixer grinder in the under 3000 category. It is very affordable for the kind of functionalities provided.

Iris is rated highly and Most of the reviews rated for its performance and value for money.

It also comes with a Juicer jar, which no other mixer grinder brand offers(at this range).

The mixer grinder features in our list of Best Mixer Grinder under 3000 Rs because of its added Juicer which no other mixer provides.

What people say about Prestige Iris Mixer Grinder


“Good Product, worth the buy!”

“All in one mixer grinder”

“Not satisfied”

General Description

Power750W Motor
Number of Jars3 +1 Juicer Jar
Speed Control3 Levels of Speed Control

Prestige Iris is overall performance mixer grinder, that does grinding efficiently, it comes with added Juicer with sieve attachment for instant juicing.

It comes with four jars:

  1. 1.5L Juicer Jar
  2. Large Wet Grinding Jar
  3. Medium Dry Grinding Jar
  4. Small Chutney Jar

Good variety of jars provided though the quantity of jars are not mentioned. The jars perform well on all aspects except for the juicer jar performance.

The 750 Watt motor is up to the mark, the handles are sturdy and overall weight of the mixer grinder is very less, making it light and compact. The jars are all food grade stainless steel, the only concern is the transparency of the jar lids. 

  • Powerful 750 W motor
  • Added Juicer(A big advantage over others in the range)
  • Takes up less space
  • Best Budget buy
  • Best overall performer
  • Best Gift option to consider
  • Few quality issues on plastic faced by buyers.
  • Juicer Performance could improve

Butterfly is a new brand in the mixer grinder market and has some great products in the line.

Butterfly Jet Elite is one of largest selling mixers of Butterfly brand, and has a very attractive design.

Jet Elite is a 750 Watt mixer grinder with three jars, it also has a four jar variant(Juicer).

General Description

Power750W Motor
Number of Jars3 Jars
Speed Control3 Levels of Speed Control

Butterfly jet elite houses a 750 Watt powerful motor, considering the budget the motor is high powered. Coming to the performance, it grinds well and has given consistence performance overtime.

Coming to the jars, the mixer grinder comes with :

  1. Liquidizing Jar
  2. Dry Grinding Jar
  3. Chutney Jar
  4. Juicer Jar(Optional)

The juicer jar is an added option, which adds to the extra cost. The jars are all made up of stainless steel and except for the dry jar which has a solid lid all have transparent lid. Capacity of jars are not mentioned which is strange and hence one cannot say about the exact capacity. Though it looks to be more in the range of 1,0.8 and 0.3 L. Which is suitable for small families.

Hence if your a small family of 2-4 then consider this Butterfly mixer, and for juicing consider choosing the Juicer option on Amazon.

  • Good 750 W motor
  • Added Optional Juicer
  • Compact Size
  • Best Budget buy
  • Good black color
  • Not an established brand yet
  • Body attracts smudges
  • Not for a large family
  • Only suitable for small families

With this we come to the end of best mixer grinder under 3000 Rs, we have found the best ones for you and would love to receive your feedback, please feel free to share your thoughts below.

Best Mixer Grinder Buying Guide- How to choose a mixer grinder

Type of usage

  • Normal Household Use
  • Medium Household Use
  • Restaurant use

A normal household is a family which has 2-4 members, and which needs less amount of grinding. For these households a general 500 watts – 750 watts mixer grinder is most suitable.

Medium household is a family which has 5-10 members and need larger amounts of grinding. Hence a medium household requires anywhere around 750 Watts -1000 Watts mixer grinder. 

You must consider to buy a normal mixer grinder or Juicer mixer grinder. A normal mixer grinder does dry and wet grinding whereas a Juicer mixer grinder does juicing.
Whereas, for atta kneading, chopping and slicing vegetables you need an advanced Mixer Grinder(Food processor).
Restaurant use is small or big restaurants that need daily usage of mixer grinders and also need it in large quantities. Which is anything above 1000 W.
Once you have identified your need and type of mixer grinder you require. This will help you in choosing the best Mixer Grinder in India.
Now, moving on to the second criteria.


Power is a major factor to consider while purchasing the best mixer grinder. Higher the wattage easier it is to grind tough ingredients. Usually, a 500 – 750 Watt mixer grinder does the job for Indian cooking.

Speed Control

Speed controls knobs/buttons are provided to control the speed of motor and its usually a three-speed control system. Low, Medium and High Speed.
Always have at least three-speed controls in your Mixer Grinder. Though more the speed control options the better is control on the grinding.
Nowadays, pulse or momentary action is also provided in some mixer grinders for doing those finishing touches to the grinding operation.

Number of Jars/Size of the Jar

Jars are where all the work happens making it an important factor, the size of the jar also matters. Higher the number of family members larger the jars and heavier the Mixer Grinder (Power).
Normal Mixer Grinder comes with three jars, a dry grinding, a wet grinder, and a small chutney jar. Some mixer grinders also provide Juicer jar.
The more the jars higher are the functionalities.

Safety/Overload Protection

When we overfill our jars and run the mixer grinder for longer duration it can lead to burning of the motor. A mixer grinder always has an overload protection function that breaks the circuit and prevents the motor from further damage.
Always buy Mixer Grinders with an overload protection function.
Coming to safety aspects the best mixer grinders have a safety lock system, that locks the jars to the main unit, and until the jars are locked the mixer grinder will not start. This is important to prevent any accidents and also prevents children to use the mixer grinder without help.
Ensure that you consider safety when you buy a Mixer Grinder for your kitchen.


Some Mixer Grinder companies provide warranties on product (the unit) and some give extended warranty up to 5-7 years on motor. Consider a good warranty period before making the buying decision.


There are some customers who need their mixer grinders to look good and some do not bother about the design and style. Buy a regular one if the design is not an issue.

Some Popular Mixer Grinder Brands :

  1. Preethi.
  2. Bajaj.
  3. Philips
  4. Prestige
  5. Butterfly
  6. Bosch

With this we come to an end with the mixer-grinder buying guide, also find list of best mixer-grinders here.

Our list of Best Mixer Grinder under 3000 Rs is also based on above guide. Drop some comments if you liked and found this Guide useful.

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