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Top 5 Best Preethi Gas Stoves in India 2022

In this article we will help you select the best Preethi Gas Stove in India, we will also help you understand gas stoves better so that you use them efficiently and enjoy the process of cooking.

Also, check out the alternatives suggested according to your requirements.

Five Best Preethi Gas Stove

We have listed the five best Preethi Gas Stoves according to the basic requirements of the Gas Stoves that these stoves fulfil. The requirements are:

  • 3 Burner
  • Glass Top
  • Manual Ignition
  • Ease of Cleaning
  • High thermal efficiency
  • Heavier Brass Burner

Always look for heavy-duty brass burners as they distribute heat uniformly and also last long. The number of burners is always an important factor, hence consider the size of the family as an important consideration for the number of burners.

Autoignition is a good addition but a costly one too, hence go according to your usability. For a normal household, a manual ignition is best suited.

Higher thermal efficiency leads to saving of gas or LPG, hence consider that an important factor. Now let’s get into the details of the best Preethi gas stoves.

Preethi Zeal 3 Burner Gas Stove

best preethi gas stove

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This Preethi Zeal Glass Top is at the top of the list as it is the only ISI-approved Glass Top in India, making it unique among its competitors.

If you are a family of 2-4 members and need a gas stove to fulfill all your cooking needs then consider Preethi Zeal Gas Stove, also consider the gas stove for its easy-clean and toughened glass.

The glass top is thermally toughened that can withstand high heat and is also easy to clean.

Preethi claims that the thermal efficiency of the gas stove is 68% and more, this makes the gas stove energy saving. This stove also has heavy brass burners that ensure the efficiency is maintained throughout.

There are some gas stoves that are three burners but cannot accommodate three vessels, but in this gas stove there is enough distance between the burners to ensure all three can large vessels can be accommodated.

Another added feature is the triple inlet, it allows you to keep the inlet gas pipe on any side left, right, or at the back.

  • Great Design
  • Thermally Toughened Glass
  • Great Thermal efficiency
  • Accommodates Large Vessels
  • ISI Approved Glass Top

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Preethi Topaz 3 Burner Gas Stove

preethi topaz

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Another amazing product of Preethi is a full steel body gas stove. Steel frame that has no rivets or a joint, a single frame that is easy to clean and maintain. Usually a rivet or joint attracts dirt and rust, this rust can lead to harmful cuts and bruises while cleaning.

Consider Preethi Topaz if you are a family of 2-4 members and a glass top is not your priority. Also, consider it if you want a sturdy, easy-to-clean gas stove. 

The gas stove is spacious for three vessels and also the center burner is raised to a height that makes it more spacious to fit the middle vessel.

It also has got a lighter holder, which is a good addition. The gas knobs glow in the night for you to understand the position of the knob easily whenever there is a power cut or when the lights of switched off.

  • Great Design
  • No rivets or joints for easier cleaning
  • 68% and more, thermal efficiency
  • Sturdy Gas Knobs

Preethi Blu Flame Sparkle 3 Burner Gas Stove

preethi blu flame sparkle

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Another gem from Preethi, the Preethi Blu Flame sparkle is three burner gas stove that has a removable drip tray. And the company claims that it is the first in the market to have that.

If you are a family of 2-4 members and need a glass top gas stove with less maintenance then consider this Preethi Blu Flame Sparkle. Also, consider this gas stove for the thermally toughened glass top that withstands high temperature.

A very similar gas stove to Preethi Zeal, but differs in the dimensions. Blu flame sparkle is larger in size compared to Zeal. This makes it more spacious for larger vessels and hence consider this as an important factor to buy.

It has a thermally toughened glass top to withstand high heat which is also easy to clean and maintain.

The burner is a brass burner that is thick and ensures faster heat transformation. Preethi gives you a 2-year warranty on the product.

  • Great Design
  • Larger than Preethi Zeal
  • Thermally Toughened Glass
  • Great Thermal efficiency
  • Accommodates Large Vessels
  • Thick Brass burners give good efficiency and heat distribution.

Preethi Blu Flame 4 Burner Gas Stove

blu flame 4 burner

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This Blu Flame variant is a 4 burner variant, the only difference from the Blu flame is that of the burner.

If you are a large family of 4-6 members and need a lot of cooking simultaneously, then consider this variant. Consider this gas stove for its ease of maintenance and thermally toughened glass top.

If you are looking for a budget four-burner gas stove then consider this Preethi variant.

The thermally toughened gas stove is 7mm thick and hence very sturdy and reliable. Heavier brass burners ensure fast and uniform heat distribution.

The design is quite attractive and will enhance the look of your kitchen. This product also has 2 years of warranty like the rest.

  • 4 Burners
  • Great Design
  • Thermally Toughened Glass
  • Great Thermal efficiency
  • Removable tray
  • Heavier brass burners

Preethi Blu Flame Gleam 2-Burner Gas Stove

blu flame gleam

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Another Blu Flame variant, this one with a 2 burner set up, with thermally toughened glass top and heavy-duty brass burners.

If you are a small family or bachelor and are looking for an attractive, yet reliable gas stove then consider this Preethi Gas stove. It has all that you need in a gas stove.

The distance between the burners is good enough to place large containers. It also has a drip tray a unique one in the gas stove category.

The thermally toughened glass top is 7mm in thickness and hence quite sturdy to handle high temperatures.

Comes with 2 years of warranty and also comes with a handy lighter holder just next to the gas stove.

The heavy-duty burners make the heat more even and also save LPG (Five days of LPG) according to the company. Owing to its greater thermal efficiency.

  • 2 Burners
  • Attractive Design
  • Thermally Toughened Glass
  • Great Thermal efficiency saving 5 days of LPG
  • Removable drip tray
  • Heavy-duty brass burners

With this, we come to an end of the list of 5 best Preethi Gas Stove. Look out for the alternatives given below.


If you are looking for a budget 3 burner gas stove then consider Vidiem Gas Stove, it is a stainless steel gas stove with widely spaced gas stoves that can cater to all your requirements.

If you are a bachelor and a small family that needs a two-burner gas stove then consider the Butterfly gas stove.

And if you are looking for a budget four-burner gas stove then consider the Milton variant.

If you are looking for a premium 4 burner then consider iBell gas stove.

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