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Bosch Mixer Grinder Review- is it worth it?

I wanted a mixer grinder that made my mother’s task easier and hence went searching for it in the market. There were a plethora of options and found it confusing. That is when I researched and I have detailed the research in the guide. Best buying guide.

When I came across Bosch I was surprised. I knew bosch as big german company, you must have also had the same thought. I liked them at first. They are known for quality and durability. In this Bosch Mixer Grinder review I have researched four of Bosch’s best selling mixer grinders. With pros,cons and for who it is and for who it is not.

If u do not want to waste any time in reading the review you can consider Bosch Truemixx Pro 1000 watts . And in case tight on a budget then consider Bosch Truemixx Radiance 600 watt mixer grinder. Also read Best Mixer Grinder Under 3000 


Bosch Truemixx Pro Mixer Grinder Review( MGM8842MIN-1000 watts)

Bosch Truemixx pro is the high end model of truemixx series of mixer grinders by Bosch. It has a whopping 1000 watt motor which is higher than any in the market, and helps you to grind anything with ease and in no time.

bosch mixer grinder review

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It has unique stone pound technology that replicates the effect of stone grinding. It has a stone pounding blade that can be attached when you need it for dry grinding be it sambar, rasam powder, garam masala.

The stone grinding using mortar and pestle retain the flavours in the ingredients, read more on this here.

It also has a flow breaker, another unique feature that makes you fluffy batters that are usually done by wet grinders.

Who is it for?

  • It is a high end mixer grinder and suits large families of 4-6 members.
  • Who is looking for an aesthetically beautiful mixer grinder.
  • Mainly for dry grinding of ingredients
  • Who is looking for good quality and reliable mixer grinder

Who is it not for?

  • Someone looking for budgeted mixer grinder
  • Who do not do much masala grinding
  • Small families(2 members)
  • Who mind the high noise created by the mixer grinder
  • Good design
  • Good quality motor
  • Juicer available
  • Stone pounding technology
  • Flow breaker for batters
  • Higher noise
  • High budget

Features and benefits


1000 watt motor ensures greater performance and also grinds any tough ingredients easily.The motor is made up of pure copper which ensures longevity.

The performance of the motor is good and has some rave reviews.

Number of jars/capacity

There are four jars

  • Dry grinding jar
  • Wet grinding jar
  • Juicer jar
  • Chutney jar

Good quality jars with all the jars made up of stainless steel and jar lids made up of abs plastic and others

Capacity of jars are on the higher side thereby fitting more ingredients inside. It also has a small lid at the top for refilling.

Stone pounding blades

The bosch mixer grinders have a unique feature of blunt blades which as the company claims replicates the stone pounding action. A blade cuts down the masalas but the stone pounding or pestle and mortar binds the ingredients together. That is why you see a true taste of masalas made out of pestle and mortar. But then this is only applicable if you make such masalas.

stone pounding blade

Design and build quality

Comes with a sturdy body and design which will make your kitchen look good and also occupy less space. The black and shiny silver dial button gives it a good look. It is my personal favourite in looks. Though this may attract smudges hence you will need to clean it regularly.

Safety features

Bosch truemixx pro comes with standard safety systems. Such as overload protection system that protects the motor from overload or overheating by cutting the power supply.


Bosch provides 2 years on product warranty


Now coming to the question: worth it? It’s definitely worth it. Has a strong motor, best dry grinding blade and finally a juicer to make your breakfast, lunch and dinner perfect all the time.

But then take the noise into account before making the final decision. There are some alternatives that I have suggested below.


Bosch Truemixx Pro 750watts mixer grinder review

The only difference that you find here is 750w motor and no juicer jar. This comes with price reduction. Hence if you found truemixx to be on the higher side of your budget then consider this mixer grinder. Check price here.

Bosch Truemixx Radiance 600-watt mixer grinder Review

Bosch Truemixx radiance is a budget mixer grinder by Bosch and hence houses a 600 watt motor. If you are looking for a budget mixer grinder that does your kitchen jobs easy then consider this mixer grinder.

acbosch truemixx radiance review

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Who is it for?

  • Someone looking for budget mixer grinder
  • Small family 2-4 members
  • Good quality and reliable mixer grinder

Who is it not for?

  • If you are looking for High powered motor
  • Large families of 6 members


  • Compact design
  • Budget mixer grinder
  • Powerful motor
  • Locking system enables spill proof
  • Stone pounding blade
  • High noise can be very annoying at times

Features and benefits


Truemixx bold comes with a 600-watt motor which is powerful at the price offered. The motor is a Hiflux motor, an inhouse technology of Bosch that ensures consistent performance.

Number of jars/Capacity

There are three jars offered by the mixer grinder

  • Wet grinding jar
  • Dry grinding jar
  • Chutney jar

Although the capacity of the jars are not mentioned, you can assume it to be in the range of 1.5l, 1l and 300-400ml in case of wet,dry and chutney jar respectively.

All the jars are stainless steel and come with flow breaker technology. The active flow breaker for batter is not available in this model.

Design and Build

It is my favourite in compactness, the mixer grinder takes up very less space and can keep it in any corner without any hassle. It also has a dial shaped controller that looks and feels premium.

Truemixx radiance comes with attractive red color and looks very appealing. One of my favourites in color.


It comes with 2 years on product warranty.

Conclusion: Is it worth it?

If you are looking for a mixer grinder for a small family that requires less ingredients and also those who do dry grinding more for their masalas. Then Bosch Truemixx Radiance is your choice.


Bajaj GX8 is a 750w mixer grinder that is very powerful and similar to radiance except for the power of the motor. It also comes in budget and performs well.

If juicer is what you need then consider Panasonic Mixer Grinder.

If you want to go further down with capacity and price then Bosch has provided another option called Bosch Truemixx Joy.

Bosch Truemixx Joy

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Bosch has provided some great mixer grinders in the market which cater to all brackets of customers. Similarly Truemixx Joy caters to the small mixer grinder market. Consisting of 500watt motor and similar design as that of radiance but in attractive white color. But then Bosch removes the pounding blades in this variant, a very simple mixer grinder for a simple family.

Difference between Truemixx bold vs Truemixx Radiance-which is better?

There is not much of a difference in Truemixx Bold and radiance except for the color option. Radiance comes in attractive red color and bold comes in traditional black color. Which is better? Well Radiance should be the pick because of its color option.

Bosch Truemixx Style 750w Mixer Grinder

If you want to up the styling of your kitchen then Bosch Truemixx style can do so, it comes with a stylish white color with silver finish in the front. Very similar to Truemixx Pro except for the color.

Who is it for?

  • Who want their mixer grinder to be stylish
  • Someone looking to gift it
  • Similar to pro in features
  • Who needs juicing regularly

Who is it not for?

  • Not for someone looking for budget mixer grinder
  • Who is expecting Low noise on mixer grinder


  • Beautiful color and design
  • Good 750w motor
  • Juicer jar available
  • Perfect for big families
  • Overall good quality mixer grinder
  • Noise on the higher side
  • Higher Priced

Final conclusion-which one should i buy?

If budget is not your constraint then go for Bosch Truemixx Pro 1000watt mixer grinder, and also if you want an added juicer. If not then you can consider Truemixx radiance which is very good for its budget and also has pounding blades if you make dry masalas.

Bosch Mixer Grinder vs Sujata Mixer grinders

Comparing the best lots of Bosch and Sujata which is Truemixx Pro and Sujata dynamix DX then Bosch scores well in Juicer jar and motor power, also the added active flow breaker. But then Sujata dynamix has some rave reviews and has performed well over the years. Added features make Bosch truemixx pro the winner.

With this we come to end of Bosch Mixer Grinder Review, reach out to us in the comments.


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