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Havells Maxx Grind 750 Review- Performance ,motor and other features


In this article, we are going to be reviewing Havells Maxx Grind. In this Havells Maxx Grind 750 Review, we will be going through the features, usability, design, and final thoughts about the mixer grinder, if its worth your purchase.

General Description

Power 750W Motor
Number of Jars 3
Speed Control 3 Levels of Speed Control


Havells Maxx Grind houses a powerful 750 watt copper winding motor. Pure copper in the motor helps in increasing the life of the motor.

What people say about Havells Maxx Grind Motor

“Powerful Motor”

Powerful motor and solid build quality”

Number/Size of the jars

There are three jars with the mixer grinder. 

  1. Blending jar(1.5L)
  2. Dry Grinder Jar(1L)
  3. Chutney jar(0.4L)

All the jars are stainless steel and comprise superior 304 stainless steel blades.

The lid on the jars is all made up of Polycarbonate which makes them unbreakable. The lids are also transparent making the grinding process more visible to the user.

The Blending jar lid has an extra lid at the top, which allows you to pour extra liquid without removing the main lid, a very useful one.

Comfort is an important factor in all appliances and this Havells Mixer Grinder has been designed with this in mind. The jars come with ergonomic handles that make it easier to put them on top of the base or remove them from there once the job is done.

Always ensure that you do not scrub the lids of the jars while cleaning and which may lead to a decrease in transparency.

Havells jar handles

Handle on the jars

Speed Control

It is important to be able to regulate the speed of a mixer grinder since different foods require different procedures. This Havells mixer grinder has three-speed settings between which you can navigate your dial smoothly.

Color and Design

I must say that Havells Maxx Grind is one of the best looking mixer grinders and has an ergonomic design to it, thereby requiring less space and also enhancing the decor of your kitchen.

The mixer grinder comes in blue and white color combination which looks great, the same color combination is present in the handle of the jars which again compliment the main unit.
The mixer grinder has cord winder at the bottom of the main unit, preventing the most annoying wire to tangle and hang loose.

You can keep this mixer grinder anywhere without facing any problems. It comes with a stable base with rubber grips that prevent it from moving from any vibrations that may occur while the grinding or mixing process is underway.

Safety features

Havells maxx grind comes with standard safety features that a regular mixer grinder has.

The most unique aspect of the mixer grinder is the LED overload protector indicator that cautions you of the overload. This feature comes in handy for many as people can overfill the jars. LED indicator is unique in the category.

Havells mixer indicator

Special mentions

The Havells Maxx Grind mixer grinder has a special manual, in which a table is provided that indicates the quantity of ingredients you can fill the jars with, this is done using recipes of batter or chutney, helping you in preparing the right amount of ingredients for you and also for the jar.


This is the best budget mixer grinder, and features in our list of Best Mixer Grinders under 3000Rs.

Pros and cons:

  • Good Powerful 750 W motor
  • Trendy and stylish
  • Takes up less space
  • Best Budget buy
  • Overload Indicator a good addition
  • Havells a new brand in Mixer Grinder
  • Few quality issues on delivery

Verdict, is Havells maxx grind 750 worth it?

It is definitely, a mixer grinder that does all the functions with ease. Looks great, with all the ergonomic design elements, and has overload LED indicator.

It has a rating of 4.1/5 with more than 500 reviews which is very good for a new brand.

If you want a stylish, affordable, and good performing mixer grinder then this is your best buy. It comes with a handy warranty which a regular mixer grinder comes with.

The only drawback is the brand Havells, a relatively new brand in terms of home appliances. Some users may face after-sales service issues. And obviously, the noise(High), which all of the 750 Watt mixer grinders face. 

But again, a mixer is usually used for a few minutes, if you bare that, you actually have an excellent product in your hands.

Locking mechanism on the jars is also missed, hands free operation could have helped the mixer grinder to be one of the best in the category. But how much can you expect at this price range.

With this we come to an end of Havells Maxx Grind 750 review, feel free to reach us in the comments for any queries.

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