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Panasonic MX AC400 Review

In this article we are going to review Panasonic MX AC400 Mixer Grinder. A 550 Watt Mixer Grinder.


The Panasonic MX AC400 mixer grinder comes with a 550 Watt powerful motor and has four jars, including the Juicer jar.

It comes with basic three levels of speed control and also has a Double safety locking system that ensures that the jars are always placed on the main unit properly. Ensuring that no accidents or vibrations take place.

General Specifications

Power550W Motor
Number of Jars3+1 Juicer
Speed Control3 Levels of Speed Control
Warranty2 Years on Product


The Panasonic MX AC 400 mixer grinder comes with a 550 Watt powerful motor, panasonic claims that the motor peaks to 1000 Watt when in motor locked state.

The motor also comes with 100% pure copper winding, therefore requiring less maintenance and also long lasting. With Japanese technology this motor is a powerful one despite being 550 Watt.

The motor also comes with Original Oil seal protection system that enhances the life of the motor by constantly lubricating the shaft.

Number and Size of Jars

The mixer grinder consists of 4 jars.

  1. Small Chutney Jar
  2. Medium Size Blending Jar
  3. Large Wet Jar
  4. Juicer Jar 


The number of jars are ample enough to carry out all the functions of the kitchen and all the jars come with flow breaker system, which allows grinding ingredients efficiently.

All the jars come with transparent lid which is great as some mixer grinders don’t have them. Also the jars come with safety mechanism which automatically stops the mixer grinder ensures safety of the operator.

The Juicer jar(Polycarbonate material) is an added advantage, it consists of strainer that strains the juice and gives you a pure juice. 

All the jars except the Juicer jar are made up of high grade stainless steal.


The Panasonic MX AC400 is an old model of mixer grinder but still looks good and have some good colors that would enhance the looks of your kitchen.

The piano styled buttons are sturdy and good, also easy to operate. Consists of 3 levels of speed control for levels of grinding.

The mixer grinder does take up space in the kitchen and the jars too take space. The added safety system makes the jars consume space.  

panasonic mx ac400 review
mx ac400 review

Should you buy it?

Panasonic MX AC400 is one of best mixer grinders present in the market, though it has a 550 Watt motor which is below the 750 Watt mixer grinders, the power seems to be equal to it.

The safety system in this mixer grinder is the best, comes with double safety standards that comply with international standards.

The Juicer is an added advantage and piano type of buttons are also good and easy to operate.

All the jars are made up of high grade stainless steel, and all have transparent lids. With all these features and double safety standards, this is a sure shot Buy.

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