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Philips HD6975 Review- Best OTG in the Market?

In this Philips HD6975 Review, we will look at the Philips Oven toaster and Grill(OTG) which is 25 Ltrs in capacity and has a digital display panel. We will look at its overall performance, design, and other features that would benefit everyday users. We have reviewed it according to Microwave Oven Buying Guide, do check it out.

philips hd6975 review

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Philips OTG HD6975 is an overall product that performs well, looks good, and gives you bang for the buck.

In this OTG you can bake, grill, and toast, it also has temperature control that lets you brown. The browning gives your food a richer taste and texture.

The 25ltrs capacity makes it perfectly suitable for small to medium families of 2-4 people. A perfect appliance for a healthy living family.

Hence if you are a medium family or even a bachelor who bakes, toasts, and grills then consider this Philips 25 ltrs OTG.

The OTG has a digital display panel that allows you to select modes, recipes, time your cooking, and also temperature control.

The best thing about the OTG is the light option, allowing you to watch your beautiful cakes, toasts and pizza are in the making.

Philips provides you with a recipe book that is very good and mentions exactly what you need for that recipe, be it a tray or any other accessories.

All these features and functions point to the fact that Philips HD6975 is beginner-friendly, hence if you are a beginner in cooking, baking or grilling then this OTG is your best bet.

Consider Morphy Richards if you are a large family.


Coming to the performance of the Philips 25Ltr OTG, 1500 Watts of power makes this OTG a powerful one that can bake, toast and grill easily.

Opti-temp technology ensures that the heat distribution is done evenly, giving you consistent performance over time.

The Opti-temp technology also gives a browning effect, which is the crispy crust formation in the ends of cakes and toasts. The performance on the grill function also impresses with uniform and quick cooking.

Overall the OTG excels in the performance and no doubt will impress you to every bit.

A convection mode would have been a bonus but that does not make it a valuable buy.


The design of this Philips OTG is good and attractive, the size of the OTG is similar to that of a regular-sized oven hence taking up less space.

The chrome finish knob and digital display with transparent glass give Philips HD6975 OTG an edge over others in the market.

The OTG when in operation with your Cakes, pizzas, and grilled chicken would be lovely to watch and enjoy the cooking process.


One of the most impressive aspects of this Philips OTG is its features.

The Digital display panels allow you to select modes, recipes, time, and temperature control.

It also has a one-touch 10 pre-set menu, which makes you select different dishes and recipes for which the OTG would automatically choose the time and temperature required.

digital panel

And as mentioned before opti-temp control controls the temperature.

The OTG has a lighting system that allows you to watch the cooking process, which is good.

The chrome finishes soft turn knobs are good and easy to operate. Special mention to temperature change knob that changes the temperature in 5 degrees, whereas others have an increase of 10 degrees.

Coming to the accessories Philips 25 ltrs OTG provides an ample amount of accessories that give you all-around baking, grilling, and toasting experience.

You get a baking tray, drip tray, rotisserie, grilling rack, and tongs. All the accessories are food-graded and rust-free.

It also has one-touch preheat functionality, which is another plus point.

Philips HD6975 OTG Review-Is it worth it?

Philips HD9675 is an all-rounder OTG that has great design, features, and amazing performance.

If you are a family of 2-4 members and need an OTG for baking, toasting and grilling then consider this Philips OTG. Also, consider the OTG for its performance and overall usability.

It perfectly suits the medium-sized family of 2-4 members due to 25Ltrs of capacity. Philips OTG has an advanced temperature control function called Opti-temp.

The performance on the temperature control is really good, giving you an accurate temperature for cooking.

And coming to temperature control the knobs help you increase and decrease the temperature by 5 degrees, thereby giving you greater control.

The light system is good to enjoy the process of cooking, and the soft turn knobs are easy to operate.

The number of accessories provided is also one of the better reasons to consider the OTG, gives you all that you need from a machine.

Coming to its drawbacks the door handle of the OTG becomes hot making you use gloves or cloth for removing the food item.

Also, this oven is not convection, convection ovens are ovens that have a fan that circulates hot air inside. Thereby providing even distribution of heat and hence evenly cooked food.

But that does not take away the advantages the OTG provides. It is still a very good buy.

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Should you go for a Microwave instead?

If you are confused if you should consider a Microwave instead of an OTG then let us understand how an OTG works.

An OTG uses heating coils to generate the heating effect in the chamber whereas microwaves use microwaves(Radio waves) to heat up. The heating coils also provide the flavor of the coal from traditional or outdoor grills.

Therefore if you want an Oven that reheats your food and does a bit of cooking then consider a Solo Microwave.

And if you want Oven that multifunctions with toasting grilling and baking too, then consider an OTG, and that too Philips HD6975 OTG.


If you are a larger family and need a convection oven instead of an OTG then consider Samsung Microwave Oven, which has all that you need in an oven.

If you are a larger family and want more capacity then consider Borosil OTG which is larger than Philips OTG and also has Convection mode.

If budget is your priority then consider Bajaj OTG which is 22litres and is also highly ranked.

If you are a bachelor and need an OTG for basic needs then consider this Bajaj OTG.


With this we come to the end of Philips HD6975 Review, feel free to reach us out in the comments below.

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