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Philips HL7707 Review And Philips HL7707 Vs Preethi Zodiac Comparison​

In this Philips HL7707 review, we will look at all the features and functionalities of the mixer grinder. We will also compare Philips HL7707 vs Preethi Zodiac.

Philips HL7707 Mixer grinder is among the highest selling mixer grinders of the brand Philips. It has Gear drive technology that supports food processing. So this mixer grinder has an added advantage of food processing, be it aata kneading, chopping, mixing, etc.

Consider Philips HL7707 Mixer if you are a family of 4-6 members and require food processing option, also juicing is something that you do regularly. If not then consider Preethi mixer grinder, which has added juicer.

This is a unique mixer grinder and should be considered for the only option of food processing, if you want your mixer grinder to also carry out food processing then Philips HL7707 mixer grinder is your best buy. You can also consider Preethi Mixer Grinder which is similar to this. We have also compared them, find the comparison here.

In this Philips HL7707 Review we will consider the power, number of jars and over all functions of the Mixer Grinder. We have also provided some alternatives that you can go for, do look out for them.

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750 W

Number of Jars

3+1 Kneading Jar

Speed Control

3 Levels of speed control


The mixer grinder comes with 750W powerful motor, which is powerful enough to grind anything that comes it’s way. The food processing is done through gear drive technology which allows the motor to run at lower speeds thereby allowing food processing, go ahead and make your favorite cakes and pastries.

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Number of Jars

Philips HL7707 comes with following jars:

  1. 0.5l Chutney jar
  2. 1l Blending Juicer jar
  3. 1l Wet grinding jar
  4. 2.2l Kneading Jar(Processing)


Good capacity of jars with both the wet grinder and Juicer jar being 1 Litre. Considering the capacity of jars and functionality this mixer grinder perfectly suits medium to large families. Larger the jars larger the capacity and larger ingredients to grind. 

The added juicer jar has filter attached removing all the hassles of juicing. There is a citrus juicer specially for citrus fruits and separates the seeds easily, giving you pure juicing experience.

Coming to the quality of the jars, they are decent and the only area of improvement in this mixer grinder. You expect a better one from Philips brand.


The mixer grinder comes with  blades:

  1. Grating Blade
  2. Slicing Blade
  3. Kneading Tool
  4. Compact Chopper
  5. Regular Jar Blades

1. Grating blade

The grating blade helps you to grate any vegetables like Bottleguard(Loki) to make delicious parathas or koftas. You have to just attach the blade to the component and place it firmly on the mater chef jar to carry out grating.

2. Slicing Blade

Used to slice veggies to make salad or any other dishes. Another stainless steel blade that does all the slicing in the kitchen easily.

Slicing and Grating Blade

3. Kneading tool

The kneading tool as the name suggests is used to knead attas, to make delicious parathas and rotis.

4.Compact Chopper

Used for cutting the onions and other vegetables finely. Chopper is a stainless steel blades that cuts any vegetables with fine precision.

Kneading and Chopper Blade


Great amount of blades provided to cater to all the requirements in the kitchen. Especially the grating and slicing blades, which give chef pro jar a multipurpose role. 

All these blades perform well and have good quality of stainless steel, although the attachments disappoint with average quality.

Accessories and attachment

The Philips HL7707 Mixer grinder comes with following attachments:

  1. Citrus Press
  2. Chopping Knife
  3. Spindle
  4. Attachment Disk 

1.Citrus Press

As the name suggests Citrus Press is used to pulp out orange, mosambi and Lime. It is quite handy and does the job well. The seeds are separated easily saving you all the hassle.

Citrus Press

2. Spindle

Spindle is where you place the attachment disk and the chef pro jar will only function when you place the attachment disk on the spindle.

3. Attachment Disk

Disk-shaped attachment wherein you attach two blades (Grating and Slicing).

HL7707 03

Attachment Disk with Blade


The attachments are simple and easy to operate, but the misplacement of any one part would make the others useless. As in the attachments are dependent on each other, you cannot use the slicing and grating function without the spindle.

Also the quality of these attachments could have been better. Plastic feels okay and does not give you premium feel.

  • Powerful motor
  • Added Food processing advantage
  • Compact design
  • Has separate jar for juicing
  • Good capacity of jars
  • Perfect for big family of 4-6 Members
  • Overall Build Quality could be improved.
  • Noise on the higher side
  • Design is good but attracts smudges 
  • Cost is on the higher side

So, is it worth buying?

Considering the multipurpose role that the Philips HL7707 mixer grinder plays it is quite a decent mixer grinder cum food processor. It has multipurpose Chef Jar which is awesome considering the amount of time spent on grating and slicing veggies which this mixer grinder makes easy.

The attachments and accessories are all very easy to install and run. The performance of the 750W motor is smooth, with 5-year warranty it sure does have a plus point.

The brand Philips is very well known and no wonder this Mixer grinder is the best seller. The mixer grinder is sturdy during operation and suction cups hold good.

Now coming to the Cons, or you can say improvements. The build quality is average, the plastic attracts smudges, which will require you to clean it after every use.

Also the plastic feels okay, and does not give you a premium feel.

The most concerning part is the sound, it is very high considering the powerful motor. The only thing that would make you consider the purchase, but then again how long would one use the mixer grinder for.

Considering all this we also have the price, which is tad higher.

Philips HL7707 vs Preethi Zodiac- Which is better?

Philips HL7707

Preethi Zodiac

SpecificationPhilips HL7707Preethi Zodiac
Number of Jars45
Flexi LidNoYes
Master Chef JarYes, 2.4LYes,2.1L
Warranty2 years + 5 on Motor2 years + 5 on Motor

Now when you look at both the mixer grinders you find that both are similar to some extents except for Preethi Zodiac having an extra 1.5L wet grinding jar. Philips has 1L dry and wet grinding jar.  

Considering the popularity and extra wet grinding jar, Preethi Zodiac is better alternative. Also, comparing the costs Preethi Zodiac performs better. Click to check the price.

We also have detailed review on Preethi Zodiac. Do check it out.

With this we come to an end of Philips HL7707 Review and comparison with Preethi Zodiac. Feel free to write to us below in the comments for any queries. Read Philips HL7756 Review.


If juicer is something that you do not want to consider then this Preethi Variant is a better choice.

If you need juicer and do not require master chef jar then consider Preethi Platinum.

And if your looking for a simple mixer grinder then Bajaj Mixer grinder is best choice.

If preethi is not the brand that you want to look at check out Best Mixer grinder under 3000rs and Best Mixer grinder in India 2020.

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