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Philips HL7720 Review- Comparing Philips HL7720 VS HL7756

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In this Philips HL7720 Review, we will look at the largest selling mixer grinder of Philips and how it compares to others in the category.


The Philips HL7720 is a powerful mixer grinder that can do any kitchen tasks easily. The motor is a 750W motor, that is powerful and lasts long.

Consider Philips HL7720 Mixer Grinder if you are a family of 3-4 and do not need a juicer. If you are someone who needs a mixer grinder for heavy duty work then this is a perfect choice.

Robust motor, good design and large jars make it perfectly suitable for a medium sized family. And these features are highlights of the mixer grinder.

The mixer grinder looks good and has no nonsense design. Larger dials make it easy to operate and are long lasting. The design also makes it easy for cleaning.

Safety is also well taken care of with a jar locking mechanism and overload protection. Although it lacks a jar lid locking mechanism, in which the Panasonic mixer grinder does well.

The sound of the mixer grinder is also high, considering the higher wattage. Similar to ones in the 750W category.

If you are looking for a mixer grinder cum food processor then consider the Preethi variant, which does it perfectly.

And consider Panasonic Mixer Grinder which is also very good in the performance aspects.

Also read Philips HL7707 Review.

Now let us look at the features in detail.


Philips HL7720 houses a 750 Watt motor. The 750W motors are powerful and this one in particular is the toughest in the market.

It grinds anything with ease and is smooth in operation. The motor is housed in an advanced air ventilation system, thereby efficiently cooling the mixer grinder on the go.

The higher wattage in the motor usually increases the sound or noise, and this increases with the wattage. The Philips HL 7720 mixer grinder too has the same problem, the noise is high.

But then the question arises as to for how long will the mixer grinder be used?. The higher wattage also ensures reduced time in grinding.

Number/Size of Jars

There are three jars in the mixer grinder:

  1. 1.5L Wet Grinding Jar
  2. 1L Dry Grinding Jar
  3. 0.4L Chutney Jar

Considering the size of the jars, it perfectly suits the medium sized family of 3-4 Members. The Large wet grinding jar makes sure that you make enough batter for the whole family.

Be it Idli Dosa or Pancakes, the large jar does it all.

There is more than enough capacity in the Dry grinding jar too, perfectly for any dry ingredients to make masalas in the festivals.

Chutney Jar has 0.4L capacity, which is tad disappointing. A 0.5L would have worked wonders.

All the jars are made up of stainless steel, which are good quality and have a long life. The Reverse Quadra Flow technology in the jars ensure the ingredients don’t stick to the walls and grind smoothly.

The Jar lids are made up of ABS plastic, and fit perfectly, although the lids could have had a lock system, which would secure the lid. And the lids also should have been transparent ones for better experience.

The handles on the jar are sturdy and are of good quality plastic, they fit perfectly in your hands and have good grip too.

If these factors are of least significance then you can consider this mixer grinder.


The design of the mixer grinder is fairly good and simple, it has only one color combination of White and maroon.

Open coupler

The mixer grinder has a large dial for easy operation, the dial looks and feels premium.

Also the coupler(part that attaches the jar to the main unit) is a unique one, which allows for easy maintenance, keeping the mixer clean and tidy.

If you are looking for a fancy color you would be disappointed if not this mixer grinder ticks all the right boxes in terms of design.

Philips HL7720 Review-Is it Worth it?

If you are a family of 2-4 and do not require juicing operation then Philips HL7720 is your best bet.

If you need a simple yet powerful mixer grinder that does all your kitchen grinding easily, then consider this mixer grinder.

The powerful motor, advanced ventilation system and simple design make it a worthy purchase.

The jars are good and have good capacity and are made up of high quality stainless steel. The mixer grinder overall is easy on maintenance and reliable for longer usage.

Coming to the improvements the chutney jar could have been bigger, also the lock feature on the mixer jar lids would have worked wonders for this mixer.

And, consider the loud noise. Although this problem is present in all mixer grinders of 750W variants.

The safety on the mixer grinder is standard one that all mixer grinders have, that is it cuts the power with overload or uneven voltage.

Coming to end of Philips HL7720 Review, consider the alternatives suggested below that would perfectly fit your needs.


If you are a big family of 4-6 members and need a mixer grinder cum food processor then consider the Preethi Variant.

If you need a mixer grinder which has a juicer jar then consider Philips Juicer Mixer grinder or Preethi Platinum.

Also consider Panasonic Mixer grinder which has all that you need in a mixer grinder with added Juicer jar and enhanced safety.

Philips HL7720 Vs HL7756

Comparing the two Philips variants we see that both the mixer grinders are same in almost all the corners except for the design and color.

The Philips HL7756 also has a 750W motor and three jars. The capacity of the jars are also the same, with Larger jar being 1.5L and the chutney jar 0.3L.

The only difference I could find, other than the color and design, is the weight. Philips HL7756 is lighter than HL7720.

Also the performance on Philips HL7756 was slightly better than Philips HL7720.

So, if you are confused between the two, go for the color and design.

Also consider Philips mixer grinder which is a mixer grinder cum food processor.

With this we come to an end of Philips HL7720 Review, feel free to reach us out in the comments below.

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