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Preethi Galaxy 750W Mixer Grinder Review- Detailed

Preethi is a well known brand in Indian market and has some fabulous mixer grinders. Preethi mixer grinders not only cater to customers but also to competitions, not wasting any time, lets go onto Preethi Galaxy 750W mixer grinder review.

In this article, we are going to carry out the Preethi Galaxy 750W Mixer Grinder Review.

Preethi Galaxy is the longest-running mixer grinder, it has its name carved out in India Book of Records for grinding 500 kg of batter running for 77hrs and 50minutes.

The challenge was organized by Preethi as a part of an initiative, two Preethi Galaxy mixer grinders were used to grind 1000Kgs of batter and the same batter was distributed to NGOs for meeting their needs.

A very cool way to market your product.

What users say about Preethi Galaxy

“Lightning fast and worked as described.”

“Highly Recommended”.


General Description

Power750W Motor
Number of Jars3
Speed Control3 Levels of Speed Control
Warranty2 Years on Product, 5 Years on Motor


Preethi Galaxy is powered by 750 watt Vega W5 motor, an in house technology of Preethi.

The motor has gone through hours of testing for endurance, and 215 quality tests making it a unique motor. The motor is a powerful one that grinds anything easy and quick, also Preethi claims it as one of the best for grinding idli and dosa batter.

The only aspect that troubles you is the noise of the motor, which is very high because of it being a 750 Watt.

Number/Size of Jars

The mixer grinder consists of three jars:

  1. 1.5L Blending Jar
  2. 1L Dry Grinding Jar
  3. 0.4L Chutney Jar

All the jars are made up of stainless steel and all have good and sturdy handles that help you in holding the jars firmly.

The lid on Blending and chutney jar is transparent and we wonder why Dry grinding jar has a solid lid, a transparent lid would have worked wonders.

The capacity on the jars are all par with other mixer grinders in the range and fulfill all your kitchen needs. 

The blades in the jars are all stainless steel and are all two blades systems, which is concerning as the wet grinding blades are usually a three-blade system.

Design and Build

The Mixer grinder has an ergonomic design which makes it lightweight and also requires less space, and this is true as the main unit is just 500 Grams and has no L shaped nonsense.

The only thing that may affect you is its color, which is pink, though the color may suit some kitchens, not all. 

It could have had an option in color to choose the best for your kitchen.

The body is made up of ABS plastic which is a good quality plastic.

Preethi Galaxy has a usual rotary dial, that gives a three-speed control for you to carry out grinding.


The warranty on the Preethi Galaxy mixer is on par with others in the range and comes with 2 years on product and 5 years on motor.

  • Powerful Vega W5 Motor
  • Endurance Mixer Grinder
  • Budget buy
  • Compact Ergonomic Design
  • Quality issues reported by some users.
  • No Color Option
  • Average Performer

Verdict- is Preethi Galaxy 750w mixer grinder worth it?

The mixer grinder has all it needs to have but misses on a few points, mainly the quality issues, blades not performing up to the mark, and no options for opting the color

It has a powerful Vega W5 750 watt motor but the motor cannot do justice if the other parts do not perform to its best.

Preethi has been around for quite some time and has good service centers across India after sales would not be a problem for you. 

It is a pretty basic mixer grinder that does not have any extra features and is the best buy for someone who is looking for a budget buy.

Instead, you can buy Preethi Blue Leaf Gold, which has better user reviews with no compromise of looks. Click here.

With this, we come to an end of Preethi Galaxy 750W Mixer Grinder Review.

Feel free to reach us out in the comments below for any queries, always happy to help.

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