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Preethi Zodiac Review

In this Preethi Zodiac review we are going to discuss the performance, usage, durability, jars and safety aspects of the mixer grinder.

The Preethi Zodiac MG 218 is one of the largest selling mixer grinder of Preethi brand.

Known for its unique design, multipurpose usability making it a mixer grinder cum food processor.

Power750W VEGA W5 Motor
Number of Jars4+1 Juicer
Speed Control3 Levels of Speed Control
Rating30 min continuous running time

Power and Performance

Preethi Zodiac MG 218 houses a 750-Watt motor, Vega W5 Motor an advanced motor that carries out grinding, kneading, mincing and grating effortlessly.

Vega W5 motor is known to have good performance and reliable too. Lasting for years without much maintenance.

If you were using a 500-550 Watt mixer grinder before then this mixer grinder would be loud for you. And if you were using 750 Watt mixer grinder then Preethi Zodiac’s sound will not affect you.

Preethi gives warranty of 5 years on motor and there after sales service is good, specially in the southern states.

The performance of the mixer grinder goes beyond expectations, big surprise is the large 2.1L master chef jar that performs well in all aspects be it kneading, grating, slicing and chopping.


Preethi Zodiac has 5 jars, a Master chef jar, a juice extractor and 3 regular jars.

The master chef jar has a capacity of 2.1L, and carries out Kneading, slicing, chopping and grating.

Consists of different set of blades such as the slicing and grating blade and a kneading blade.

Regular Dry grinding jar

Chutney Jar

The 3 in 1 insta juicer jar has a capacity of 1.2L which is great in this category.

It has different set of blades for different fruits or vegetables, it also consists of super extractor blades that can be used to make coconut milk and also blending to make your smoothies.

The juicer jar has unique juice extraction process that lets you make juices instantly. The jar need not be tilted all the time to extract the juice from the jar.

preethi zodiac mg 218

3 in 1 Juice Extractor


The jars are good in quality and design, although the components may take up some kitchen space. So factor in the storage space before making the purchase.

The capacity on the jars is very good and has variety in capacity. Large jars make it suitable for medium to large families. 

Safety features

The Preethi Zodiac has good safety features like the overload indicator, that indicates a red led light on overloaded.

The tripod design and the anti skid base absorbs all the vibration and does that allow the user to feel the vibration. It also has circuit break system to protect the motor from overload.

overload indicator

Overload Indicator


Preethi Zodiac MG 218 is one of the best designed mixer grinders and looks stunning. The tripod design is sure to look good.

The mixer grinder will enhance the looks of your kitchen, and is best for gifting at wedding and anniversary.

The Zodiac is RoHS compliant, it is made up of Eco-friendly materials that are completely safe.

The plastic, rubber and stainless steel is certified by TUV Rheinland, making the materials food safe. Also the only mixer grinder to be certified by it.

You may consider Preethi Zion, a toned down version of Zodiac.

Preethi Zodiac Review: Is it worth it?

Preethi Zodiac is an allrounder in the mixer grinder segment. People are all praise for performance, usability and multi functions.

This mixer grinder not only performs the normal grinding operations but also carries out food processing operations with the Master chef jar and Juicer jar. Therefore consider the mixer grinder if food processing is what you would like to carry out.

Finally it boils down to you, consider it if you make salads, juices and do not have much time in making attas for chapatis. Also consider the mixer grinder if you are a medium or large sized family.

It is fairly durable, it is not the perfect one, but surely a worthy one.

If you want a mixer grinder cum food processor then this is the best choice, this is also a great choice for gifting.

Also read Preethi Zodiac vs Zion if you are confused between them.

With this we come to an end of Preethi Zodiac Review. We have listed few alternatives below. Do look at them.


If juicer is something that you do not want to consider then Preethi Diamond is a better choice.

If you need juicer and do not require master chef jar then consider Preethi Platinum.

And if your looking for a simple mixer grinder then Bajaj Mixer grinder is best choice.

If preethi is not the brand that you want to look at check out Best Mixer grinder under 3000rs and Best Mixer grinder in India 2020.