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Preethi Zodiac vs Zion: Which is Better? Find out here

In this article, we compare Preethi Zodiac vs Zion(Preethi MG 218 vs Preethi MG 227). To help you make better decision.

Both the mixer grinders are similar is some aspects and different in other, both are mixer grinder cum food processors.

If you are a family of small size(2-3) then Preethi Zion is best buy, whereas if you have a bigger family and require juicing regularly then Preethi Zodiac is your best choice.

However, we have compared them in detail below, we have also provided some alternatives for you to consider, do look at them.

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Preethi Zodiac vs Zion Comparison Table

SpecificationPreethi ZodiacPreethi Zion
Number of Jars54
Flexi LidNoYes
Master Chef JarYesYes
Warranty2 years + 5 on Motor2 years + 5 on Motor

From the comparison table shown above, we can see that there is very less difference between Preethi Zodiac vs Zion.


Both the mixer grinders house 750 Watts Vega W5 robust motor, which is very powerful, and as claimed by Preethi, it can grind turmeric in 2 Min.

Vega W5 is In house technology of Preethi which has yielded great results to the brand, it is one of the most strongest 750 watts motor.

Number of Jars:

The number, size, and design of jars vary in both the mixer grinders. Preethi Zodiac has larger jars and has an added Juicer jar for juicing.

The Jars in the Preethi Zion variant have less capacity compared to Zodiac and does not have a Juicer. Instead, Zion has Turbo Spice Jar, a powerhouse performer(Chota packet bada dhamaka).

It also has a Flexi Lid which allows grinding of smaller ingredients.

Both the Preethi variants have a Master Chef jar that has a capacity of 2.1L and carries out Kneading, slicing, chopping, and grating.

Now let us look at some features that are different: Turbo Spice Jar in Zion and Insta Juicer in Zodiac. 

Turbo Spice Jar-Preethi Zion

The turbo spice jar can be used to grind a less amount of ingredients mainly dry spices such as cumin, coriander seeds, cardamom, Pepper Etc.

A measuring cup is provided in the lid of the jar, which helps you to know the exact amount of spices the jar can grind.

There are Do’s and Don’t s provided for the use of Turbo jar. Mentioning the ingredients one can grind using the small turbo jar, don’t miss out on that before using the Jar. The turbo jar even grinds less than four peppercorns.

Also, a caution to not forget that the appliance cannot be used continuously for more than 30 seconds when using the turbo jar.

Opinion: The turbo spice jar comes to be very handy, though only useful for someone who makes masala and chutney regularly.

Preethi Zodiac's Insta Juicer

Preethi Zodiac has 3 in 1 Insta juicer jar that has a capacity of 1.2L which is great in this category.

It has a different set of blades for different fruits or vegetables. Consists of super extractor blades that can be used to make coconut milk and also blending to make your smoothies.

The juicer jar has a unique juice extraction process that lets you make juices instantly.

The jar need not be tilted all the time to extract the juice from the jar.

Opinion: Insta Juicer is a great addition and is only useful if you juice regularly.

preethi zodiac mg 218

3 in 1 Juice Extractor

Jar Size comparison

When we compare Preethi Zodiac and Zion, The zodiac variant has large capacity jars compared to Zion, With Zodiac having an extra juicer. 

The Liquidizing jar(Wet grinding jar) and Dry Grinding jar are bigger in capacity in Zodiac.

Here is the demo video of Preethi Zodiac:


Barring the Juicer attachments in Zodiac, both the variants have similar attachments such as Grating, kneading, and chopping tools.


Both Preethi Zodiac and Zion come with 2 years product warranty and 5 years warranty on Motor. 


Preethi Zodiac is higher priced due to the number and capacity of jars being higher.

Check the Best Price Below


The design and build of both the mixer grinders are the same. Except for some color changes in Zion. The side blue stripes on Zion look good and the overall tripod design on both Zodiac and Zion is sturdy and absorbs all vibrations.

With suction cups provided at bottom of the main unit holds the mixer grinder steady.


Both the Preethi variants have loud noise because of the powerful motor which is the only bad aspect of both the mixer grinders.

Which one is better?

When comparing Preethi Zodiac vs Zion, One cannot differentiate between the two bests, both are designed and built for specific purposes. So the final question as to which Preethi variant is better, we have to answer the most important question as to what do you need the mixer grinder for?

If you need a Mixer Grinder cum Food processor which also has Juicer then Preethi Zodiac should be your choice. Click here to buy on Amazon.

Whereas if the Juicer is not a necessity then Preethi Zion is your best bet. It carries out all the functions that Zodiac does, except for juicing.

And if you do not want food processor functionality then consider Preethi Blue Leaf, which has a juicer but is not a food processor.

The family size also has a role to play in your selection of Preethi Zodiac vs Zion, if one has a smaller family and need the mixer grinder for regular work then Zion is your best bet.

Both the mixer grinders cater well for the working-class family that has less time to prepare food.

The master chef jar does the job of kneading and chopping. Juicer in case of Zodiac for Juicing, and small spice grinder for a small family.

You can also consider Philips Mixer Grinder which has similar functions. Check our review here.

With this, we come to an end of the Preethi Zodiac vs Zion comparison. We hope that you have found your answer, feel free to reach us out in the comments.

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Preethi Zodiac vs Cosmo

When comparing Preethi Zodiac vs Zion we also came up with Preethi Zodiac Cosmo, another variant in the family of Zodiac.

While comparing Preethi Zodiac vs cosmo we came to know that Cosmo is better and latest variant in the Preethi Zodiac family.

Cosmo has larger jars which makes it easy to grind large amounts of ingredients and hence it suitable for larger family.

The change here is of the juice extractor wherein the Preethi Zodiac has a tap attached to the jar for instant pouring, and Cosmo has super extractor that requires pouring the juice by removing the jar from the base.

Larger jars and new variant make it a Preethi Zodiac Cosmo a perfect buy. CHECK PRICE HERE

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Satish Kumar Vats
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Lata Raman
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Hi, I am planning to buy Preethi Zion or Zodiac. I am based in Ghaziabad (Delhi/NCR). I am not sure about the nearest servicing/repair center in Delhi or Noida. Can you please confirm before i take a decision.

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Can i use Zodiac juicer jar in Zion?

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