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Symphony Diet 12t Review- Comparing symphony Diet 12t vs 12i and others.​

In this article we will be carrying out Symphony Diet 12t review, with the review we will also be comparing it with diet 12i, 22i, and others in the range. And some frequently asked questions that people ask.

Symphony 12t is the #2 bestseller on Amazon after the Bajaj Platini px97. It is a diet cooler that uses blower for the airflow and is suitable for personal cooling.

If you want a cooler for your study room or your single bedroom then this is your best buy. Best for bachelors and single room cooling.

Symphony diet 12t has a capacity of 12 liters and also has ice chambers to add in ice cubes for better cooling. The only concern in this cooler is its limited capacity and sound which is higher.

Read further to find detailed review of symphony diet 12t air cooler.


The air cooler houses a 170 Watt blower, made up of a plastic body that is quite sturdy. The performance of the blower is good and throws air up to 6 feet. The cooling performance is also good and some may find it satisfactory depending upon the temperature and humidity in the region.

This symphony air cooler is suitable for a room size of 100 square feet as recommended by the company, but then consider this cooler only if you require it for room size of not more than 80 sq ft. It is best for small shops that require spot cooling and study rooms for bachelors or students.

Coming to the cooling performance, it does give average cooling when run on normal water and enhances it when you use ice cubes. Therefore use ice for greater cooling.


Symphony Diet 12t cooler has a blower, which is powerful and performs well for its capacity. It also consumes less power but certainly not less than a fan(in the cooler)

Cooling Pads

The personal cooler has Honeycomb pads which are known to provide good cooling and are efficient. It has only one-sided honeycomb pads unlike Bajaj Platini PX97, which has pads on three sides.

Symphony Diet 12t uses a unique technology of purifying the air that it takes in using the Multistage filtering system.

The Multistage filtering system filters the air through dust filter, smell filter, allergy filter, bacteria filter and finally wash filter. When you look at the back of the air cooler you can only see a dust filter and you wonder where the other filters are.

Then you see the three debit card-sized filters attached at the bottom side of the dust filter, we wonder if they could do all that the company claims.

The dust filter is good as it avoids mosquitoes from coming inside the pads and also maintains hygiene conditions.


The water tank in the air cooler is of 12-liter capacity. The capacity is good enough for a diet cooler and 12t is a basic model in this range. The name 12t is also due to the capacity of the water tank, where 22t means 22 liters.

The cooler lasts 5-6 hours with continuous running and a full tank. There is a hole at the bottom of the tank which most of them miss and is used to drain out the excess water.


Symphony Diet coolers are all good in terms of portability and have a good set of castor wheels. The lighter the air cooler better would be the portability.

Which is why this cooler is #2 bestseller in portability factor.

Design and Build

Diet 12t is good in terms of design and build, it looks good and takes up very little space.

Do not go by the picture and consider this as a big or long tower cooler, which is what people expect and get disappointed. This is a small personal air cooler that comes up to your waist.

Therefore if you sleep on the bed which is at a certain height you will have to keep the cooler at a certain distance and also direct its blades upwards using the lever given.

Since the air cooler uses a blower the air flows only from one side of the vent blade. Some users may find this odd and may get disappointed.

Do not worry about the vent size as the blower’s airflow is quite good and compensates for the size.


Coming to maintenance aspects the maintenance of the cooling pads is generally easy though the removal of honeycomb pads is a tough task in this cooler and requires you to unscrew many screws behind the cooler.

The dust filter is easy to clean and maintain. Ensure that you clean the dust filter every week and the whole air cooler once a month. You may find fluoride deposits due to water used, which if not cleaned would result in a foul metallic smell.

Ice chamber

Yes, it does have an ice chamber to put ice cubes for greater cooling. The cooling is hence dependent upon the ice

Inverter Capability

Inverter capable air coolers are really a good addition to people who get frequent power cuts and this Symphony Diet 12t does come with it.

  • Powerful Blower
  • Attractive Design
  • Best for Single person
  • Best for study room and small bedrooms
  • Ice Chamber a good addition
  • Inverter Capable
  • Good build quality
  • Takes up less space
  • Sound on the higher side
  • Cooling is dependent upon Ice
  • Only spot cooling possible
  • Not for large rooms
  • Size of the cooler is small hence may disappoint some.

Is it worth it?

This is the best air cooler if you are looking to have a cooler for yourself or single rooms that are around 80 sq ft. Consider the cooler if your requirement is for study rooms and bachelor rooms.

It has a good capacity that lasts up to your complete sleep in the night, and requires cross ventilation for efficient cooling and draining out the excess moisture in the air. It looks good and is sure to enhance the decor of your room. A good cooler for the humid climate as it has a blower and does spot cooling well.

The concerns are the sound and dependency of cooler on ice to provide good cooling. Consider these factors before purchasing the cooler.

With this we come to an end of Symphony Diet 12t Review. Find comparison of Symphony diet 12t vs 12i and others below.

Symphony Diet 12t vs 12i

symphony diet 12t review
diet 12i review


Both Symphony Diet 12t and 12i are very similar to some extent except that Diet 12i has buttons whereas 12t has knobs. Symphony 12t is a budget model whereas 12i is more for premium users.

12i comes with remote control and is pretty responsive for an air cooler. It also has a timer button that lets you keep the cooler switched on for a certain number of hours, a timer function up to 7 hours. Which is good and unique for an air cooler.

All these functionalities of Diet 12i come at a price and hence the final difference is the price. With diet 12i at a higher price compared to 12t. CHECK PRICE HERE

Therefore consider Symphony Diet 12i if you want your cooler to have remote control and timer functionality which is a very good addition to have.

Knobs of Diet 12t

diet dial

Touch buttons of 12i

Symphony Diet 12t vs 22i- Which is better?

Another model in the Diet series of Symphony. Symphony Diet 22i, it only differs from 12t and 12i by capacity and functionalities. 

Diet 22i has a 22-liter capacity and hence covers a small to medium room or hall of 150 Sq ft. It has all the other functionalities like the remote control and timer similar to 12i.

Therefore consider this Air cooler as a successor of 12t and 12i. If you want cooler for small to medium room or even hall then Symphony Diet 22i is your best buy.

And yes Diet 22i is way better than 12t for its capacity and range, but then comes with a price. Check out.

Comparison with Bajaj Platini PX97(Diet 12t vs Platini px97)

If you have read Symphony diet 12t review and could compare Diet 12t with Bajaj Platini PX97 you will see that the two coolers are different types.

Platini PX97 is more of a personal cum dessert cooler, suitable for small to medium rooms and employs a fan to provide cooling. 

Whereas Symphony Diet 12t is a personal tower air cooler that uses blower and is strictly for smaller rooms and spot cooling. Read our Bajaj Platini PX97 review.

That is it for review and comparisons, feel free to reach us out in the comments below.

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