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Vidiem ADC Mixer Review- Is it your All day companion? Find out.

In this Vidiem ADC mixer review, we will look at the vidiem’s new entrant into the market. ADC(All day companion), Yes this is what it stands for. A mixer grinder that will take care of all your kitchen hassles.

Vidiem is a subsidiary brand of Maya appliances Pvt Ltd. established in 1978. So do not take it as a new company. Maya appliances has loads of experience in the home appliance market, mainly in South India.vidiem adc review

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Vidiem ADC is a Mixer Grinder cum food processor, as it carries out slicing, grating, chopping and aata kneading.

Consider Vidiem ADC if you need a Mixer Grinder cum Food processor, and only consider it for food processing capability. And also if you are a large to medium size family that will require a large quantity of ingredients.

Large jars, multi operation and robust 750W motor ensures that it perfectly caters to large to medium families.

The mixer grinder is very attractive to look at, with classic black color that looks and feels premium. The tripod type design makes it look premium.

It has some added safety and long lasting materials that also make it an attractive buy.

The motor is an advanced Di-electric motor that consumes less power with no compromise on power.

Tri-mate couplers make it long lasting and hence prevents frequent changing of couplers, a common problem in mixer grinders.

Consists of 2 ltr large stainless steel jar to carry out all the food processing jobs. This is unique as the large jar is usually made up of plastic jar in the other brands.

The motor is of 750W which is at par with others in the category. This heavy duty motor ensures all the kitchen operations are carried out in no time. The motor is noisy which can be the only drawback to be considered.


The Mixer grinder cum food processor comes with a 750W motor, which is at par with others in the market. Preethi Zodiac too comes with a 750W motor.

The motor is a fully enclosed Di-electric motor which gives 20% more torque with 20% more power and also reduces the power consumption by 10%. A pretty good one considering the functionality.

The Motor is also enclosed in such a way that it gives 40% more cooling. There are many mixer grinders and food processors, but the Vidiem has worked hard on its motor to deliver results.


Coming to the design, the mixer grinder looks stylish and comes with a single color option of Black color. The tripod design looks good, and feels premium.

The couplers(Tri mate couplers) where the jar and gear is placed is very secure and designed to self align. It is designed in such a manner that it can take any load easily.


The blades are also designed in a specific way, the vortex flow blades prevent wear and tear of the bush. Thereby preventing frequent stops to the repair centre.

In the design aspects the mixer grinder is a winner. There are many aspects to consider, and Vidiem has worked well in design terms to improve the performance of the overall machine.

Number/Size of jars

vidiem adc jars

Vidiem ADC comes with 4+1 Jars:

  1. 2L Large capacity jar
  2. 2.1.5L Master jar
  3. 1.5L Super juicer jar
  4. 1L Multi Jar
  5. 0.5L Small Jar

Looking at the number of jars, the mixer grinder does not disappoint. The capacity of jars is what impressed me as the others in the market do not provide jars of this capacity.

2L Large jar is a multi utility jar that can be used for Atta kneading, chopping and grating.

The 1.5L master jar for wet grinding, for batters of Idli, Dosa, Vada, uthapam and so on.

Large super juicer jar for your favourite smoothies, Juices and milkshakes.

1L jar is a multi jar that can do dry and wet grinding, hence the name multi jar. You can carry out dry and wet grinding of spices like pepper, garam masala and even make your favourite peanut butter.

All the jars except for the juicer jar is made up of food grade stainless steel, whereas the juicer jar is food grade plastic. Even the large multi utility jar is made up of Stainless steel, which is surprising as the others have a plastic jar.

Coming to the jar lid, all the jar lids are made up of polycarbonate material and are transparent.

Other features

Coming to its food processing capabilities, Vidiem ADC comes with following attachments:

  1. Thin Slicing Blade
  2. Thick Slicing Blade
  3. Grating tool
  4. Citrus Juicer
  5. Atta kneading tool
  6. Chopper Blade

Using the thin and thick slicing blades you can make your favourite salads, the performance on the blades is pretty good.

Coming to the grating tool, carrots can be grated in minutes. Go ahead and make your favourite Gajar Halwa and kofta. Citrus juicer as the name suggests is for juicing Citrus fruits.

Atta kneading tool is for atta making, the maximum capacity that can be kneaded is 350gms and minimum being 100gms. You also get a measuring cup for the same.

Chopper blade is for chopping onions, mincing chickens and so on.

You also get a gearbox which should be placed before carrying out food processing.

Safety Features

Vidiem ADC is an advanced mixer grinder with advanced safety options. The Jars locking system is good and secures the jar to the main unit. This system also ensures proper mating of couplers and seating of jars.

The gearbox also has a locking mechanism to firmly hold the large jar for food processing.

Vidiem ADC Mixer Review- Is it Worth it?

The final question that one always gets, is it worth it?. Well to answer that, you would want to know that a food processor is suitable for medium to large families. And this Vidiem mixer grinder suits too.

Advanced motor with 750W of power, large jars and large juicer ensures that it perfectly caters to requirements of medium to large families.

If you are a family of 4-6 or more and have a working family then this is a very good buy.

Also Vidiem ADC should be considered for food processing operations, rather than a mixer grinder. It is designed to withstand heavy usage and hence an underusage would not satisfy.

The design and safety features make it safe and easy to use, although Vidiem ADC will occupy considerable space in your kitchen. Hence an important aspect to be kept in mind.

Coming to the downsides, the sound on the motor is high and could be irritating at times, but then how long will you operate it for?.

Also the quality on the plastics used, could improve. But all these downsides do not take away the advantages that Vidiem (ADC) All day companion gives you.

It is important to know that the service centres of Vidiem are largely saturated in the south of India.


If you need a mixer grinder cum food processor that is the best alternative to this, then consider the Preethi variant. Check our review here.

And if you are not looking for just a mixer grinder with a juicer jar then you can consider Preethi Platinum.

If you are looking for a budget mixer grinder then consider Prestige Mixer Grinder. Read our review here.


With this we come to an end of Vidiem ADC Mixer Review, feel free to reach out in the comments below.

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2 years ago

Hopeless mixie money will go just to waste , it can’t grind dosa mix smooth

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