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Who Invented Mixer Grinder?

Before going on to who Invented Mixer Grinder, let us understand that the Mixer and the Grinder are two separate machines.

A Mixer is a machine that mixes the ingredients for example:- A mixer is used extensively in baking to knead the dough and mix ingredients, be it cakes or bread.

A Grinder whereas grinds or breaks down the ingredients into smaller particles. Used to powder the masalas in our kitchen.

Now when you combine both you get a Mixer Grinder.

A mixer was invented by American Rufus Eastman in 1885, which was commercially manufactured by Hobart Manufacturing Company. Grinder was traditionally used to grind meat and the machine was known as a meat grinder.

The Mixer Grinder was invented by an Indian.

Yes, a traditional Mixer Grinder that could mix, grind and paste the Indian masalas was invented by an Indian, as the story goes it was made by man for his wife.

Do you remember the old brand called Sumeet? that was common in our households, the picture below would ring some bells.


Sumeet Mixer Grinder


It was invented by S.P Mathur, who was an Engineer at Siemens a german multinational company, out of sheer love for his wife when she complained that the grinder’s motor burnt out while grinding garam masala. She challenged him to repair it. 

He failed the challenge but in turn designed a mixer grinder for Indian household called Sumeet which in Sanskrit means ‘Good friend‘. 

A mixer grinder was born to replace the traditional stone and mortar concept of the early days. Sumeet created a revolution in the Indian market with the mixer grinder. Helping the Indian housewife in preparing dishes that required mixing and grinding and which was before done manually by stone and mortar.

After S.P Mathur’s death, the legacy has been carried forward by his son Ajay Mathur.

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Anil gupta
Anil gupta
3 years ago

It’s a very good information for me. I have been in this business for last 35 years and I didn’t know this. I feel proud because an indian did it.

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