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Wonderchef Nutri Blend Review- Nutri-Blend And Nutri-Blend CKM​

In this Wonderchef Nutri Blend Review, we will look at Nutri-blend’s performance, types, and overall functionality.

There are two types of Nutri blend mixers mainly CKM and just Nutri blend.

Wonderchef Nutri Blend CKM is a complete mixer grinder that also carries out a little bit of food processing(Chopping).

It comes with a 400 Watt motor and 4 jars, and it carries out four functions Mixing, grinding, juicing, and chopping.

Nutri-Blend comes in a whopping seven color options, more than what other mixer grinders offer.

It also has a surprise recipe book by well-known chef Sanjeev Kapoor, and a diet chart.


Nutri-Blend is a different machine compared to other mixer grinders. it comes in different designs and styles and has removable blades and lids. The jars have to be filled first with ingredients and then the blades are attached.

Also, there is no switch to switch on and off. The jar has to be rotated clockwise for the mixer grinder to start, which some users may find awkward. Though is it difficult in the first few usages it gets easy as you use. 

The motor is a 400 Watt motor that runs at 22000 RPM which is very fast considering its wattage. Performance on the motor is great for a 400-watt motor. Jars are unbreakable and blades are efficient. 

The mixer grinder suits those who need semi-solid grinding from the mixer grinder. Also, the less capacity of jars makes it great for a small family(2-4). 

It is also the best buy for someone who makes smoothies regularly. it is very easy to use and clean, the jars can be stored for later consumption. 

If you do not want the juicing and chopping option to consider Nutri Blend (2 Jars), read our review below.

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General Specification

Power400 W Motor
Number of Jars4
BladesTwo detachable blade system
Warranty2 Years


Wonderchef Nutri Blend CKM comes with a powerful 400 Watts motor that operates at 22000 RPM.


The motor is quite powerful and grinds everything with perfect consistency, though the motor is lesser wattage compared to others in the price range it gives consistent performance specially for smoothies and chutneys.  

Number/Size of jars

The Nutri Blend CKM has four jars:

  1. Juicer Jar(750 Ml)
  2. Blending Jar(500 Ml)
  3. Dry Grinding Jar and Chutney Jar(300 Ml)
  4. Chopper Jar

All the jars are made up of unbreakable plastic material and the jar lids have blade attachments. The blades are all stainless steel blades. Two blade systems for the dry grinding, a three-blade system for blending, and the chopper blade for chopping operation.

Both the dry and wet grinding jars come with storage options where a separate lid is given for storing in the refrigerator.


All the jars perform their respective tasks efficiently, the largest capacity of the jar is 500 Ml which is a concern and makes it difficult and time-consuming for more quantity of ingredients. The jars could have been larger in the capacity to cater to big families. But then wonderchef nutri blend perfectly suits small to medium families.

If you are looking for a mixer grinder that caters to large family then consider Preethi Zodiac, here is our review.

Coming to Juicer Jar, it carries out juicing very well and has a pusher to push fruits for proper juicing. The chopping jar performs well enough to chop most of the vegetables.

Some users may find it difficult to work with as the number of attachments is on higher side.


The mixer grinder is one of the most compact mixer grinders available on the market. It needs very little space in the kitchen, also the compactness can be attributed to the 400 Watt motor.

The most unique aspect is that the Nutri-Blend comes in 7 different color options. These colors allow the Mixer grinder to enhance the decor of every kitchen.

The Nutri-Blend mixer grinder has rubber footing which allows it to sit firmly on the surface and prevent any vibrations.

Ease of Use

Wonderchef Nutri-Blend is very easy to use and requires only rotation to start grinding and another rotation in the anti-clockwise to stop it. Though the same is cumbersome in the chopper and juicing as it requires you to switch on and off the from the plug end. A switch could make it easier.

This mixer grinder requires time to get used to because it is very different from other mixer grinders. Hence give it a try and use it at least two to three times to get comfortable.

Ease of cleaning

Wonderchef Nutri-Blend is very easy to clean and because it is very small it takes very little time to completely clean off the blades.

Other attachments

Nutri-Blend comes with jar lids to ensure storage, the small jar has a sprinkler lid or seasoning cap which is good. You can grind red chilies to make chilly flakes and then use a sprinkler lid to season your favorite Pizzas.

Other accessories

There is a recipe book provided with the mixer grinder, the Look Good! Feel Good guide is a very handy recipe book prepared by well-known Chef Sanjeev Kapoor. Recipes of Juices, smoothies, and chutneys specially designed for Nutri blend users.

It also consists of a diet chart that helps you to reduce weight and eat, drink, and live healthily.

wonderchef nutri blend review

Let us now look at Pros and Cons of the Wonderchef Nutri Blend.

  • Fast motor(22000 RPM)
  • Attractive Design
  • Most compact mixer grinder
  • Unique Addition to your Kitchen
  • Easy to Operate(Just a rotation)
  • Lot of color options
  • Best suited for Nuclear or small family
  • Recipe book and Diet chart
  • Low capacity jars
  • Not for larger families
  • Difficulty to operate at the beginning because of the unique operation.
  • Switching on/off from the plug end(chopping and juicing)

Wonderchef Nutri Blend Review(CKM)-Is it worth it?

Wonderchef Nutri-Blend is great for a small family that does not require more quantity of ingredients. It has a really good 400 Watt motor that grinds anything with ease. The capacity of jars is what limits the mixer grinder, with the highest capacity being 500 ml.

The juicer and chopper are a very good addition and works well for working families which have less time, it is best for blending operations, to make smoothies and chutney. 

The price of the mixer grinder is also in the budget through a tad higher for a 400-watt mixer grinder. But then no other mixer grinder provides these functionalities at the price.

To sum up, consider the Wonderchef Nutri-Blend for its functionalities and blending. One of the best to make quick smoothies and needs negligible time for cleaning, best for gymer. Also for small families, it makes fine chutneys and semi-liquid ingredients especially curries.

Wonderchef Nutri Blend Review(2 jars)

Wonderchef Nutri Blend is a simple mixer grinder that only differs from the Complete Kitchen Machine(CKM) by the number of jars. CKM has four jars whereas this one has only two jars.

It comes with the same steel blades and lids, this is one of the best mixer grinders for bachelors or even a nuclear family of two-three. Best for gymer to prepare quick protein smoothies.

Nutri Blend comes with a similar recipe book by Chef Sanjeev Kapoor and nutritionist Swati Thoda.

You wish there were a large capacity of jars for satisfying your needs.

The difference

The only difference between CKM and this are the two jars (Juicer jar and Chopper jar).

Wonderchef Nutri Blend Review-Is it worth it?

Wonderchef Nutri Blend is a simple mixer grinder that only differs from the Complete Kitchen Machine(CKM) by the number of jars. CKM has four jars whereas this one has only two jars.

If you are a family of 2-3 and make smoothies and semi-solid ingredients with a mixer grinder then this is your best choice. Be it chutneys or curries this mixer grinder works well. And consider Nutri Blend with two jars in case you do not need juicing and chopping.

It is the same as CKM except for the extra jars. This variant Nutri Blend also comes with a similar recipe book by Chef Sanjeev Kapoor and nutritionist Swati Thoda.

Other options.

Wonderchef is a unique brand that caters well to various requirements, there are many variants of Nutri Blend, with two jars, with three jars(Juicer jar) and also comes with Nutri blend personal.

Three jars(Juicer Jar)

Nutri Blend Personal

Nutri Blend Personal Review

Nutri blend personal is a 300 watts personal smoothie and juicer. It is best for a bachelor, or a gymer, you have to just add your favorite fruits, vegetables, or milk or yogurt to make amazing smoothies. 

You get only one bottle made out of unbreakable plastic material, with a sipper lid to carry it anywhere be it outdoors or gym. You just have to attach the blender blade to the bottle to make smoothies.

With this we come to the end of Wonderchef Nutri Blend Review, Wonderchef is a good and well-known brand, it caters to all types of customers and has products for all, it also has traditional mixer grinders and nonstick cookware.

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